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Santa Barbara is one of the fancy places to visit in CA due to its Spanish architecture and awestruck serene beauty of its mountains and sea. It is easy to explore the place with lots of kid’s friendly adventures to visit. Another specialty of Santa Barbara is the simultaneous festivals hosted which consists of several amusing goods and activities to involve in. The county is often described as the American Riviera because of its landscapes and close-knitted society, which makes it even more popular amongst the busy crowd of the nearby cities, expanding the opportunities of tourism. One of the key places to visit is the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History of Sea Center, which is well known for its family and student-friendly environment. 

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center which is also known as Ty Warner Sea Center is a museum situated on the Stearns Wharf. It was established by the Museum of Natural History of Santa Barbara for the conservation and protection of the marine life of the Santa Barbara Channel. It was established in the year 1986 and ever since then it is working for the conservation of marine life as well as educating visitors about the water life of Santa Barbara. The museum is popular for its captivating mammoth-sized displays about the region's natural history. The Sea Center has a captivating view of the unending waters and mountains. It is a great place to visit with the family and enjoy a great vacation exploring the Sea Center and grabbing some amazing local food, examining the marine life, and understanding animal nature.


  • One of the most captivating attractions of the Sea Center is the 72-foot skeleton of the blue whale at the very entrance of the museum. This very exhibit is the spirit of the Sea Center and makes it even more popular.
  • Living Beach- The Sea Center consists of a living beach where the kids can have a great time and of course, the adults are no exception to that. The living beach feels like a real one because the feature of the artificial tide of the sea center gives it a real beach effect. It is one of the most popular attractions of the sea center. The living beach is not only enjoyable but also safe as the lifeguards and the technical team always keep surveillance over the beach. All the accessories for the swimming are also available at the center itself.

  • Bio Lab- This little attraction is a great space to learn, not only for the kids but also for the adults. The bio lab shows the biological life cycle of marine animals of all kinds through several interesting ways of projection, which makes it even more interesting to learn and increase awareness about marine life.
  • Wet Deck- This particular feature of the Sea Center is even more interesting as it allows the visitors to physically experience some of the most exotic parts of the ocean through the “moon pool”, which acts as a channel through which external seawater is viewable. Using two fingers, visitors can touch exotic marine life such as sea urchins, sea stars, and even sharks! It also sheds light on oceanography through the means of flourishing the information on marine life and certain in-depth topics about the same. One can experience examining sea life by using real tools in the wet deck as well. It also consists of a scientific lab describing and explaining marine life in more detail along with a theater showcasing videos about the same.
  • Channel theater- The most mesmerizing feature of the Sea Center is the channel theater through which one can view all kinds of creatures of the sea such as octopuses and jellies and relax watching them.
  • Mammal floor- This floor consists of the information related to the mammal language presented through an explorative exhibition. It also researches several species of mammals of the region.
  • In addition to such permanent features experience a wide range of activities organized by the Sea Center such as educational programs for the students and diving experiences. The center also helps for the expansion of the White Abalone Captive Breeding Program which was established by the center itself for protection and conservation of the endangered marine snail by educating the visitors about it.
  • Visitors can also shop at the Tribal Arts Marketplaces of the museum located in the museum’s courtyard itself. The focus of the marketplace is majorly RoHo goods such as Kenyan beaded leather sandals, Binga baskets and cowhide home goods, African fabric masks along African beaded jewelry.
  • Stearns Wharf itself is a great place to bike around. With the amazing view around the bay and a great cycling path to pedal, it provides one of the best beachfront riding paths along the coastline. It is not only popular among the visitors but also the locals.
  • Santa Barbara as described is one of those places to visit when one needs to relax and find peace away from the busy lives of the cities and tiring routines.

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